Henry Rojas Motivational Speaker

NBA fans knew him as "The Gorilla."
He walked away from fame and fortune and discovered his true identity.
Now he tells his remarkable and comedic life-giving story.
Henry's story is a triumph for everyone seeking meaning beyond their mask.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

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"...Amazing ability to affect positive change in peoples lives. His communication skills, personal experiences, wisdom and humor leave audiences inspired!"
- Ward Keller, Founder and Former CEO, Remuda Ranch (Eating Disorders)

"As keynote speaker Henry Rojas talk was legendary. Undoubtedly our favorite speaker"
- Jerry Hanen, Chairman, RYLA Conference

"An amazing capacity to communicate grace and challenge simultaneously. Entertaining and Engaging"
- Jan Hamilton, Owner and CEO, Doorways

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Robin Williams' legacy is a story of hope


It goes like this by Henry Rojas:

There once was a man who was born into a world of actors and dead men walking. He blended in by becoming like one of them. He did it so brilliantly that all the people thought he was acting and was making fun. What they didn't know was that he was being serious. He was telling parables.

He left this Earth and they continued to glamorize his work and his success. They were sad and cried as the final curtain closed. But some listened. They discovered his meaning and lived more meaningful lives. Unmasking, loving and engaging with something greater than their ravaged self. Somewhere this man lives on.

If we think the legacy of Robin Williams is in the films and the characters instead of his true self and message, we perpetuate the tragedy. Listen to the hidden story and it will bring life.

My guess is Robin Williams was a good man loved by God not for what he did or how he performed but for who he was — a man loved unconditionally even without the mask.

If you get it, tell that story. I think he would want it that way.

Henry Rojas is chaplain at Calvary Addiction Recovery Center. He is the original Phoenix Suns Gorilla.

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